Contract Development & Negotiation

Good quality outsourced services, whether for the implementation of a programme/project or the fully outsourced running of services, are underpinned by good quality contracts.

C7 Consulting understands that this is not always synonymous with the cheapest contract, and that one-sided contracts are never good for either the client or their suppliers. C7 Consulting works with clients to ensure that the contracts it enters into are suitably balanced and are geared to meet all objectives, even the sometimes less obvious ones.

As with all engagements, C7 Consulting never positions contract negotiations such that C7 Consulting is the only party able to implement them.  Using the company to implement the final contract obviously has major benefits, as detailed understanding of the minutiae of a contract can often be critical in its successful implementation.  However, client flexibility is a fundamental cornerstone of all C7 Consulting engagements and hence it always ensures full handover as and when required.

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