Programme & Project Management

The core service offered by C7 Consulting and has been provided since inception. It is also fully leveraged by all other services C7 Consulting offers.

C7 Consulting takes a much more traditional view of programme and project management, eschewing the purely administrative role that many organisations now assume this discipline is made up of.

Good administrative practices and logically organised processes are critical in the successful management of programmes and projects of all sizes.  However successful delivery requires more than this alone.

A thorough understanding of the objective at a detailed level is needed to allow successful leadership of the resources necessary to deliver a programme.   Equally, operational understanding of the recipient of the programme is also important.

Both of these allow the largely autonomous progression of a programme, and full engagement of the business in it.  This delivers fast, cost effective results, but critically does not disenfranchise the business and indeed makes it a core part of the solution.

Purely administrative style programme and project management cannot do this, and as a result never delivers the same quality of end result.

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